Nature Spell: Carefully extracting earth's natural goodness for your hair & skin

Here at Nature Spell, we extract Earth’s natural goodness to create spellbinding products you won’t want to live without. Only the very best ingredients make it into our collection, with 90% of our range completely plant friendly. Transforming your hair and skin, Nature Spell is your go-to brand when you’re in need of some TLC.
Our family run company has been inspired by our siblings, Simran and Siddhi, and their longstanding love of skincare. Made in England and featuring all manner of powerful, natural ingredients, Nature Spell products make use of skin-boosting actives, natural extracts and cold-pressed oils.
We love animals, meaning that all our products are cruelty-free and not tested on any animals. We’re working hard to ensure everything we create is 100% vegan.

So, how did we get to where we are today?

Our journey began during our teenage years, after we discovered that most skincare products are brimming with chemicals. Of course, many of us know this can be irritating for the skin, causing all kinds of concerns – from acne to redness and even inflammation. This wasn’t helped by the fact these luxuriously packaged products were expensive, too.
We decided back then that the only way we were going to be able to add effective and clean products to our shelves was by creating them ourselves.

A Skincare Exploration

Born and raised in London, we’ve been fortunate to travel widely. Exploring what varying cultures can provide in terms of ingredients – from baobab in Kenya to pink clay in Australia – we put all our free time into researching a range that wouldn’t just look good; it would improve the health of the skin.
Mixing the latter with effective actives that provide genuine skin benefits, we soon introduced friends and family to our products. Willing product testers were keen to try our range and soon discovered they loved the products just as much as us.
We then completed extensive market research, before waving our magic wand and conjuring up the brand we know and love today. Working with our brothers, Sach and Sunny, we launched and manufactured a wealth of products right here in London. Ideal for all skin types, our premium range contains powerful lotions and potions designed for the hair and skin.
We hope you enjoy our collection just as much as we do. We’ve had a lot of fun bringing it to life and our skin certainly thanks us for showing it some much-needed TLC. Want to let us know how you’re finding our range? Just tag us in your selfies, using #naturespellresults